About Us

Except it’s not about us – it’s about you. Are you looking for media marketing solutions but afraid of choosing hype over substance and wasting precious marketing dollars? Trying to find an experienced strategic media marketing partner to deliver innovative digital and traditional media buying solutions in plain English without a bunch of media acronyms? Looking for solutions that deliver measurable results? If this is you, then you’re in the right place.

Value Proposition: Media Neutral

Capstone Media believes that the audience is the starting point for every media buy. Matching target research to the proper media mix is the end goal of every media program.

Measurable Results

Every media program is measured and optimized continuously to deliver effective media solutions that drive awareness, web traffic, inquiry and ultimately increase sales.

We Are Media Professionals

Capstone Media programs run across all platforms – Digital (Desktop, Mobile & Tablet) and Traditional Media. Our expertly trained and media-savvy buyers will stretch your marketing budget.


Media Neutral

Matching target research to the proper media mix is the end goal of every media program.


Understanding Your Target Market

We know message recipient's media buying habits and response triggers.


Research Services

Multiple research providers allow us to share insights on your customers' marketing focus.


Real-Time Costs Per Market

By subscribing to resources, we match negotiations with the actual costs to get the best deals.


Our Processes

From ordering to online media measurement, we economize the process and eliminate waste.


Our Reputation

Known as ''tough but fair,'' media companies know we negotiate hard for clients and pay them in a timely manner.


Negotiating Skills

With 90+ years of negotiation, we squeeze ''media blood'' out of every dollar and keep asking for more.



Our national connections help us keep current with service offerings and the latest training opportunities.


Business Model for Invoice Approvals

Media placement credits are remitted to clients and purchases are always available for client audit.


Happy Clients

Capstone’s level of service is always personalized.

Karen Carmen,
Director of Marketing, Beachwood Place

Capstone’s level of service makes my agency look good.

Joel Goldstein,
Goldstein Group Communications

Capstone makes me look like a hero every day.

William R. McCabe,
Smith Dairy Products Company

Capstone Media is Focused on Our Success.

Kevin Campopiano,
Campopiano Roofing