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Go, Go a Mile High on New Foursquare Branded Badge

Gogo Inflight Internet, an FAA certified Wi-Fi Internet provider for airlines, released their branded Mile High Badge a couple weeks ago.

Businesses in other sectors are releasing their own branded Foursquare Badges as a tool of promotion.  TLC Channel, part of the Discovery Company, released their Summer Badge theme check-in.  As you read through TLC tips from Foursquare users, their summer-theme has created content you may find in a AAA Tour Book. TLC summer-themed badge allows TLC fans to check-in to TLC celebrity approved locations.

In Atlanta, Foursquare has partnered with the History Channel to “Be an Atlanta Historian With Foursquare”.

Foursquare users check-in from the plane with using their phone or laptop.  Customers checking in with Go a Mile High badge represent Foursquare brand promotions where you automatically get the badge for anyone who checks in this way, since Foursquare users are avid badge fans.

Entertainment and communication companies (like TV stations and other media) have unique advantage using Foursquare, says Dennis Crowly, Foursquare co-founder.  Fans get to leave branded tips about show themes, getting people thinking about the show, Crowley says.  Or in the case of TLC or History Channel, tips create location-based content or unlock historical locations, respectively.

Foursquare worries whether or not branded badges may be interpreted as spam, says Tristan Walker, Foursquare business development.  But branded badges have been called the “next Twitter.”  Since Foursquare uses actual location-based check-ins when customers write tips about their particular experience, on the go.

Another Tool for Tracking Foursquare: A PlaceWidget

If you are using Foursquare to attract more customers to your physical business location, Foursquare offers a venue widget for Company websites.

The PlaceWidget displays tips left to show your website visitors how popular your business is.  The Foursquare widget is also available as a Facebook tab and a WordPress blog plugin.

Checking in Without a Mobile Web Browser

Even if you do not have an iPhone, Android, Blackberry or other smartphone, customers can still take advantage of Foursquare SMS by checking in and texting tips to #50500.  This option is currently available only in the U.S.

Badge promotions can be launched, either through existing and active badges, or brand your own badge that matches your Company’s core competencies.

ABOUT: GoGo Inflight Internet provides inflight Internet access available on all AirTran Airways and Virgin America Flights, select Air Canada, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, some United Airline flights, US Airways, and Frontier Airlines (coming in 2010).  The Company is hoping to encourage customers to use the service if they receive a badge.  GoGo Inflight Internet is a service of Aircell, a provider of telecommunications product for government, helicopter, and the military.

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