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Any Advertiser Can Design Their Own Overlay Display Ads for YouTube

Charity Water, a non profit organization, created an overlay ad to raise $10,000 in one day, commemorating World Water Day. The organization still runs this video and overlay ad, with over 412,920 at the time of writing this article.

Every minute at least 24 hours of new video is uploaded on You Tube, an independent subsidiary of Google, Inc. providing the potential of monetizing 2 Billion Video Views per Day on You Tube.  Google’s goal is to turn You Tube into what it did for its search page ads, opportunity for smaller advertisers to create their own display ads.

The use of overlay can monetize video views by conversion, using pay-per-click (CPC) also known as cost per click (CPC), or cost per thousand impressions (CPM) models, depending on ad campaign type.

Using You Tube for overlay display ads seeks to simplify search advertising for smaller advertisers, according to Brad Bender, product director for display at Google.

CTR rates for online video ads are 0.4 percentto 0.74 percent depending on video format, while CTR for plain image ads are 0.1 percent to 0.2 percent, according to DoubleClick data.  (However, CTR rates can go as high as 6.49 percent for postings on a company Facebook Wall).  Further, overall average interaction, the measurements between mouse overs, expansions, video control buttons, and clicks added to 8 percent of interaction, according to marketing charts.

To see a free demo sample of how you can create your own free display overlay ad just for fun, launch the interactive demo.

The Display Ad Builder turns anyone into an ad designer using your choice of 90 templates, quick ad design, to create in video and related ads on You Tube.  Prior to Display Ad Builder, creating ads was difficult particularly the animation and graphic design elements.  Of the 20,000 advertisers that have used this service over 80 percent of them have never ran display campaigns before.

On the official You Tube Blog “Broadcasting Ourselves” the World Water Day was commemorated through a non-profit feature, raising $10,000 in one day through an overlay ad.

Your ad can then be targeted by video genre, a targeted video, and other demographic and geographic criteria by You Tube, and you save money designing and creating your own ad in minutes.


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