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TGI Facebook Fridays

Image-based Facebook postings on Fridays before lunch is best.

Use images on your Friday morning Facebook postings.  Images receive 22 percent more engagement than videos, and 54 percent more than text posts, according to marketing charts.  The study conducted by Vitruecontains data to help their marketers manage over 265 million fans.  They looked at image versus text or video and found that video is not as impacting (as text).  Image currently is better than video, but video number views are expected to grow according to Reggie Bradford, CEO of Vitrue.

Consumer packaged goods postings work best before noon.  Restaurants however, are better off posting in the afternoons.

Friday Facebook postings/status updates are 64 percent more liked, shared, and commented upon than Sundays (the lowest Facebook engagement day for marketing).  TGI-Facebook Fridays are even more engaging than Saturdays, 7 percent more.

Another observation in the Vitrue study is 65 percent more engagement is made before lunch time (12-noon), than later.  People just get busier as the day goes on.  But fast food places like McDonald’s, Subway, and other fast casuals do best on Wednesdays, a possible “treat myself” hump day special.

There appear to be more effective times to post on Facebook and some authors question this study.  They look at the Wednesdays posting as odd, perhaps faulting the Vitrue study’s sample size.  Regardless of Wednesdays, Fridays are still great days to post, especially before lunch.

It’s like the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s Friday Magazine.  Mike Zenczak, manager of display advertising with the Plain Dealer’s Friday Magazine, said 150,000 subscribed readers are informed this way about what’s going on over the weekend.

The same is true for Facebook where users go on for ideas about going out and if a company can offer a discount with their Friday image posting.  Other than preparing for weekend plans there are other reasons why and why not fans respond according to marketing charts.

  1. 40 percent of consumers look for Facebook discounts and promotions
  2. 39 percent just like to show support for their brands
  3. 36 percent seek coupons and free samples
  4. 34 percent enjoy reading company updates
  5. 33 percent learn about future/upcoming products
  6. 29 percent love to be entertained

The least reason to engage in a brand on Facebook are educational postings (at just 13 percent).  As an example these posting be avoided on Fridays.  This is not to say that educational content should always be avoided, just that it’s not advisable to post educational content on Fridays.


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ABOUT:  Vitrue, a company that provides data for social media marketing featuring branded Facebook tabs, publisher that provides automatic branded messages delivered to your Facebook and Twitter feeds, and apps for the iAd network.

WATCH:  Reggie Bradford, CEO of Vitrue Interview