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10 Sites Gone Social with Instant Personalization from Facebook

If you have a Facebook profile your Trip Advisor can be instantly personalized,

In the Facebook world it’s not unusual to have 400 friends who’ve visited over 1,200 cities around the world.  “The Web is better with friends” is Facebook’s way of personalizing the Internet.  It’s also a great way to drive more web traffic to your site, especially for Trip Advisor owned by Expedia, Inc, with reviews provided by everyday travelers.

How it works?

Login to your Facebook account.  Then open another tab for  Remember just because you close a tab or window does not mean you’re logged off of Facebook and instant personalization will still be activated unless you log out.  You will see your Facebook profile picture at the top of the website, this means that you are now ready to read your friends reviews, recommendations, friends’ most popular destinations and “likes.” [Read more…]