Media Buying

Capstone Media is a strategic and creative media buying and planning resource operating out of Cleveland, Ohio. We recognize that every dollar of your media budget must contain as much purchasing power as possible. Benefits of our Planning Services include the following:

  • Analysis of best media options for your objectives and budget
  • Preparation of media objectives and strategies
  • Comprehensive media budget and flowcharts for your review
  • Media plans maximizing your marketing objectives
  • Budget breakdowns by month, quarter or year (calendar or fiscal) as needed

We buy the right media to fit your budget and stretch your advertising dollar. We demand and receive the most experienced and conscientious sales representatives working on your account.  In the business we are known as being tough but fair. Benefits of our Media Buying Services include:

  • Expert rate negotiation with media properties
  • Preparation of buys for your review and approval
  • Value-added services negotiated to further stretch your dollars
  • Order preparation
  • Monitoring of buy once placed
  • Contract review, approval & reconciliation

Promotional Services

The combination of a strong media buy, reinforced by a promotional sponsorship, is an optimal strategy to keep your product or service top-of-mind. Examples include on-air giveaways, retail remotes, special children’s promotional sponsorships, broadcast contests and coupon giveaways. Our Promotional Services include:

  • Negotiation and implementation of promotions with media properties
  • On-site management of promotions
  • Value-added or negotiated options at savings to you