Media Planning

We maintain that the true value-add of Capstone Media lies in these core areas:

Strategic media planning is developed with facts, not a gut feeling

Too often clients hear that marketing strategy is “An Art as much as a Science.” The Science of Marketing comes from analysis of target market psychology, media consumption habits and response triggers. By utilizing various measurement and tracking metrics we have proven that this method of strategic media planning guarantees a higher level of overall action on the part of the message recipient thereby delivering positive return on the investment.

Our investment in research services

By subscribing to multiple research services such as CompetePRO, The Media Audit, Simmons Research, Arbitron and Nielsen, Capstone Media can guarantee that our research of your industry and target customer are built on fact and not conjecture. In addition, services such as Kantar Media enables Capstone to monitor expenditures for all industry competitors by month, by media and by market to develop a profile of your competitors’ marketing focus.

Our database of real-time costs

Capstone subscribes to SQAD media resources that monitor the actual real time cost of media in each local market.  We are able to match our negotiations up against what is being purchased in the market to insure that we KNOW that we are getting the best deals.

Our processes

We built Capstone Media around efficiency and effectiveness. To do this, we have created strategic media planning processes with customized excel algorithms as well as the STRATA buying system for ordering, execution & real-time buy monitoring, invoice reconciliation, online media measurement and social media monitoring built to economize the process and eliminate waste.

Although we operate out of Cleveland, Ohio, we provide these services from coast-to-coast for agencies and businesses in need of strategic media planning.