Active Social Media Audiences Do Not Seek Popularity, They’re Fans

A social media user can be viewed as going to a sporting event where fans cheer on their team (in this case cheer on their brand or product), and the social media marketing professional is the commentator.

It’s a “big brand idea” coined by Laura Klauberg, Vice-President of Unilever.  She poured over consumer insight to hear what was being said about women’s beauty and found 2 percent of women feel beautiful, writes Rick Mathieson (The On-Demand Brand:10 Rules For Digital Marketing Success In An Anytime, Everywhere World, Amacom, New York, 2010).

Klauberg heard cheers of need with a stadium full of women demanding a beauty product.  Dove soap can be a brand that “Active Social Media Users Are Brand Fans” writing comments on Company Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, and other social media sites where customers engage and seek information.

How Facebook and Twitter Users Find Information on a Product or Company

Most Twitter users are passive and metrical requirements are collected through “Influence-Passivity” (IP), the frequency in which a tweet is retweeted, and success on Twitter is reached through engagement (how far a tweet travels), not how many followers.

Customers engage in products and brands, in which they are fans of, affecting brand reputation, and Twitter reaches double its active user base, 11 percent read monthly tweets without having a Twitter account.

Twitter’s ability to expand its reach through re-tweets helped Wheat Thins discover that people just want to adore the cracker, but with no deep relationship.  Twitter data is more important than building large followings and sharing tweets, and now customers know there’s a Wheat Thins-mobile going around, users are looking for it on Twitter.

Facebook still remains the most popular search vehicle for social media sources.  62 percent of Twitter users who follow a brand on Twitter use Facebook for brand information.

Active social media users are “brand fans” of the products and companies in which they tweet and comment, share and post; and its application can maintain customer loyalty.

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