Media Buying: Capstone’s Approach

With the rapid evolution of messaging options, it can be difficult to keep up with what is working in today’s marketing environment. If you find today’s emerging media buying choices difficult to manage, you are not alone. Our customers, from the executive level to the marketing department, are busy people. Keeping up with new technologies, developing the right messages, and crafting the right communications mix are an important part of your job.

Making informed choices about your marketing dollars is becoming more difficult every day. Choose incorrectly and you can waste precious marketing dollars while losing out on sales opportunities. Capstone Media helps you navigate through the marketing maze to identify the best messaging media buying opportunities for your business.

Media Neutral Solutions

In today’s fragmented media world, it is impossible to reach customers with a single source of media.  Capstone Media supports a “Media Neutral” approach to media planning and media buying. Working from our offices in Cleveland, Ohio, we employ several sources of research to determine the most effective media to reach your target market.

No Guinea Pigs

We do not believe in using our clients as “guinea pigs” for proposed media solutions.  Capstone maintains active partnerships with a variety of firms enabling Capstone to deliver advanced media solutions in all forms of media.  These partnerships enable Capstone to deliver strategic planning and media buying of ALL forms of media whether it is traditional (broadcast, print & outdoor) or digital solutions such as online display, search, social media or mobile marketing.

Capstone services a wide variety of clients in both the B2C and B2B sectors.  Our expertly trained and media-savvy buyers will stretch your marketing budget, giving you maximum exposure for each dollar spent.

Smart Media Buying Solutions

Digital Media (Online & Mobile) Traditional Media
Programmatic TV Buying
National, Regional & Local Spot TV
Video Pre-roll
National, Regional & Local Cable
Hyper-local Geo Targeting
Network & Local Spot Radio
Mobile Advertising Satellite Radio
Advanced Audience Targeting
OOH (Outdoor, Cinema, Transit)
Mobile Video Consumer & Business Newspapers
Electronic Coupons Trade Print
Pandora/iHeart/Spotify Radio
Consumer Magazines
Ad Networks
Digital Out-of-Home
Direct Mail
Tracy Smuts, President

Tracy Smuts, President

“In over 30 years of working in marketing and advertising, I have witnessed the dramatically evolving roles of strategic media planning. Today’s ever evolving media environment can be confusing to both clients and agencies.

Our job is simple – to create and execute impactful media solutions that grow our client’s bottom line.

All strategy, buys and negotiations begin and end with what is best for our clients – period.  We will make your job easier, solve problems and make you look like a hero.  I guarantee that you will be satisfied with our results.”