Myth Buster Fodder

Marketing Myths Exposed?

Hubspot’s latest ebook contains  compelling thoughts on  Facebook, Twitter and Email 

Staying current with digital media requires an active time commitment.  Capstone has a mix of sites that we check out throughout the week, some of them daily.  One of our favorite sites is Hubspot.  Capstone Media has been active with this resource for about 4 years – their content and webinars have grown in relevance as well as quality.

Today I downloaded their ebook “6 Deadly Marketing Myths Busted” which, though small, is packed with content that has been borne out in firsthand with several Capstone client marketing programs. The book covers stats for Facebook, Twitter & email marketing.  The research on Facebook is weak (unfortunately) making it impossible to draw an absolute line in the sand.

That withstanding, the book is a short read with compelling commentary as a “food for thought” option.