Monty Python Branded YouTube Channel Direct Response Marketing

After witnessing 3 years of second rate quality videos of Monty Python ripped off video content, John Goldstone, Monty Python producer, launched the Monty Python branded YouTube Channel.

Their YouTube Channel profile description begins: “For 3 years you YouTubers have been ripping us off, taking tens of thousands of our videos and putting them on YouTube,” it writes.  “Now the tables are turned.”

When Monty Python launched their branded channel November 14, 2008, they took advantage of YouTube’s click-to-buy ad program, and DVDs on Amazon’s Movie & TV bestseller list and sales increase 23,000 percent.

YouTube provides geographic information, how your video was found and the keywords used to find your video, but discovery data in Insight can only take you so far and is not as detailed as web analytics.  The solution?  If your company creates a branded channel, like Monty Python did, you can apply Google Analytics, for free, according to Greg Jarobe, SEO-PR president.

YouTube is only beginning to be realized as a potential premium online real estate for advertising, compared to other competitive video adplatforms like Hulu.  Brand marketers on Hulu, LLC, owned by GE’s NBC Universal, News Corp, and Walt Disney Co, along with private equity firm Providence Equity Partners, offers online viewers free broadcast TV shows.

Most brand marketers currently like this model since the source content is from broadcast TV shows.  YouTube on the other hand, wins by shear volume as content is updated with 24 hours of new video every minute.

During the time it took you to read this article, about 30 hours of new video have been uploaded and sorting through the content can be cumbersome for brand marketers.  However Goldstone said that after he saw the success of Monty Python’s branded channel, “We are only now beginning to address premium advertising, which is only possible when you can show the size, composition, and consistency of your viewers.”

As with any social media function, YouTube ranking has: favorite, share, play lists, flag, like, dislike, subscriber, age of video, comments, and embeds.  When these social media functions are combined with brand channels your video gets found and shared across other social networks.

Not only can YouTube be used for direct response marketing, but also brand awareness and message recall throughout the product life cycle.


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