Christmas Phone Shopping and Fundraising Via Mobile Marketing

Smartphones are used across the earnings spectrum. Also keep in mind that SMS and mobile marketing works on non-smartphones with text-capable features.

The shopping season has unofficially started at some retailers, even though the Christmas shopping season does not start for another 5 weeks Eighty million consumers use mobile devices to access the web, and opportunity exist for marketers to provide deals.

34 percent of all smart-phone owners earn $100,000 and more, according to Nielsen.   While many have speculated ‘the rich get richer and the poor get poorer’ analysts now see the growing divide.  Retailers may see strong sales on clothes, toys, books, and other discretionary products from household incomes of $100,000 and more.

This is not to say others cannot access mobile marketing deals.  Consumers with lower earnings will still look for practical gift deals.

All smart-phone consumers, no matter how much disposable income they earn, care about the SMS experience paying attention to simplicity, speed, product information, competitive pricing, and the ability to purchase.  Beginning an SMS campaign is easy when you follow the rules of the carriers and accepted Mobile Marketing Association best practices.

Bringing the Christmas spirit to mobile phones is not new.  In fact, Coca-Cola offered its Coca-Cola Christmas song 2 years ago as a free ringback toneto T-Mobile and Vodafone subscribers, but subscribers from other networks could access the song, too.  The goal here is brand awareness.

According to Hipcricket, a mobile marketing company, 37 percent of mobile users are interested in participating in customer loyalty (PDF) programs and receiving mobile deals.

The Coca-Cola Christmas song is the first time brand marketing is woven with 2 major phone carriers in Germany.  Mobile marketing firm, conVisual AG handled this Christmas mobile campaign.

Mobile marketing is one of the most consumer receptive ad placement locations, since a clear call to action has resulted in favorable ROI, even in non-profits like the Salvation Army Canada, who turned to 35 cities across Canada last year through individual virtual iKettles and their text-to-donate campaigns, raising more than $130,000 in 2008.

“Each year at Christmas, The Salvation Army uses new and emerging technologies to further its mission – to serve those most in need,” said Graham Moore, territorial secretary for Public Relations and Development in Canada.  “Adapting mobile phone technology was the next logical step to make giving both simple and secure for our donors.”  The Salvation Army in Canada uses Zipstripe, a mobile marketing solutions company.

To prepare your mobile marketing campaign this Christmas, marketers can reach 83 percent of mobile phone and feature phone subscribers who have yet to receive value added product information so consumers can get mobile deals.

ABOUT: conVisual AG based in Germany and founded in 2001, is a provider of mobile solutions for value added services, mobile applications, mobile ad campaigns, and mobile Internet development.

ABOUT: Zipstripe a Canadian mobile marketing solutions company based in Toronto founded in 2007.

ABOUT: Hipcricket, headquartered in Seattle, Washington and established in 2004, is a privately held corporation generating revenue and consumer engagement for hundreds of broadcast stations and consumer brands as demonstrated through 65,000 successful mobile marketing campaigns.  They pride themselves on being the first comprehensive permission-based mobile ad network with operations in New York, Los Angeles, and Mexico City.


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