Don’t Just Add Facebook Ads- Let Customers Add You as a Friend or Fan

With over 500 million users across 70 translations, Facebook is a great place to find new customers, fans, or supporters of your business; let them add you as a “friend” a “fan” or “like.”

Many businesses try to cut corners by placing a Facebook ad taking them to their website thinking they will generate more business or support this way, but CTR (Click Through Rate) is very low, 0.01 percent.  Advertising on Facebook is also easy to do therefore anybody and everybody can advertise which lowers customer trust.

Facebook ads generate appeal to the user.  When a customer likes something Facebook metrics target your product to someone that may like it, so make an ad promoting your Facebook page.  A business goal when it comes to advertising and promoting on Facebook is to be on user “pages” list under their activities and likes.  For example, an ad can go across networks and different websites while displaying the same ad that takes customers and fans to your company’s Facebook page.  An example of this is Toyota.  They have an ad on that allows customers to share their Toyota car stories on the company’s Facebook page.

If a business has a fan page don’t use it as a “Twitter” – tweeting fans about your every little where-about.  You also likely, will not want to reveal trade secrets.  Describing how a business is upgrading a current product or doing research on new products posted on your company’s Facebook wall increases CTR from 0.01 percent (typical CTR of a Facebook ad) to 6.49 percent, and a 40 percent viewing rate of videos posted on company walls compared to the industry standard of 25 percent.

Facebook advertising, like any social media network promotion, increases transparency of a company with a resultant increase in trust.  When a business has its own fan page, fans, customers and supporters can interact with you and other customers.  So update content that appears on all your fans News Feed page, regularly.

Providing content on your business fan pagedepends on how you want to be perceived or the message you are delivering.  An expert in the industry?  An innovative company promoting new technologies?  An attempt to increase subscriptions or populate an email list for newsletters?

When a Facebook customer has their own profile, they expect a company to have one as well.  Current and prospective customers generally feel like they are in a relationship with the products and services that support their interests and lifestyles.

Managing a company Facebook site is a lot more work than simply placing an ad however the benefit is improving your chances of earning trust, a key in brand and message recall.


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