Groupon Groups Daily Coupon Deals to Grow Your Business

8,200,000 Groupon subscribers use blogs, Facebook, and Twitter to spread your business, with their online culture nearly impossible to reach through traditional advertising; younger social media savvy customers look for daily deals and opportunities to tour their city.

Groupon, the leading social commerce site, received $135 million from DST, an Internet investment group, to help expand the Company, writes Amarndra Bhushan in Groupon Grabs $135 Million From Digital Technologies (DST) and Battery Ventures-Worth $1 Billion.

Groupon reaches mobile users through apps advertising using the Groupon Android app, available in the Android Market, Groupon Brings Daily Deals to Android Devices, making it possible for customers to open the deal of the day and cashiers to scan the bar code right off the phone.

“In Groupon gets closer to “you-pon”, the company’s “Grou-blog-pon” describes how Groupon subscribers can update their likes, dislikes, and buying patterns by Geo-Location, benefiting local businesses.

Groupon is launching a whole new industry (social commerce) and is so popular that nearly 100 Groupon imitation sites have been created, in Hey Publishers, Here’s How To Cash in On The Groupon Craze, and to turn deals into a conversation instead of just an advertisement.

To date, Groupon subscribers have purchased over 4 million Groupons, saving over $150 million on daily deals, featuring a write up of your business or organization, and allowing online customers to discuss the deal.

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