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Value-Add Servicing

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Capstone Media’s service model is built on the concept that we will squeeze as much out of each dollar for our clients as possible. Every media firm will say that “We negotiate the best prices for our clients!” Our response to that is “Isn’t that what a good media firm is supposed to do?” Let’s face it; if you can’t negotiate excellent pricing then you really need to find another line of work!

We maintain the true value-add of Capstone Media lies in these core areas:

  1. Our understanding of your target market

First and foremost, we are business strategists. We undertake considerable target research both initially and continually. An understanding of the media habits as well as the response triggers of the target market will guarantee a higher level of overall action on the part of the message recipient.


  1. Research Services

A competitive advantage to Capstone’s customers is our access to multiple research providers that detail your customer’s target market habits as they relate to media. In addition, the use of Kantar Media Intelligence enables Capstone to monitor media expenditures for all industry competitors by month, by media and by market to develop a profile of the competitors marketing focus.


  1. Our database of real-time costs per market

Capstone subscribes to SQAD media resources that monitor the actual real time cost of media in each local market. We are able to match our negotiations up against what is being purchased in the market to insure that we KNOW that we are getting the best deals.


  1. Our processes

We have built Capstone Media around efficiency and effectiveness. To do this, we have created processes for ordering, execution & real-time buy monitoring, invoice reconciliation, online media measurement and social media monitoring built to economize the process and eliminate waste.


  1. Our reputation

We’ve spent 28 years building our reputation in the media world. A recent example of this reputation is our research piece for CNN during the 2012 presidential election. CNN contacted us about the state of political media spending in the Cleveland market. The collaboration was an excellent showcase of our years of media buying experience. In addition, we work hard to maintain our reputation as “tough but fair”. Media properties know that we will negotiate hard for our clients. But we also pay our bills in a very timely manner. They know that by accepting an order from Capstone the only risk they take is if they don’t fulfill the order correctly. Enough said.


  1. Our negotiation skills

With a combined 90+ years of negotiation experience we have refined our negotiation process to squeeze “media blood” out of every dollar. We believe in asking for more – continually. We sort of call it the “two-year old” method of negotiation. Just like the toddler that keeps asking “Why” we keep asking “More.”


  1. Our memberships

Maintaining professional memberships across the country allows Capstone to keep current with new service offerings, delivers up-to-date training resources, purchase subscription data at group pricing and serves as a management sounding board for integrating new processes into our offerings mix.


  1. Our business model for invoice approvals

Our business model is built around our clients. All purchases are reconciled against their respective invoices. If there is a credit on a media placement, it is remitted back to the client. This may seem obvious but many media agencies do not follow this model. All media purchases are available for client audit should the need arise.