Social Media Deck ‘Out of Left Field’ Cleveland Indians Tweet Wahoo

A homerun ball hit by Shelley Duncan, that landed in the Social Deck. The social media attenders signed the ball using their @Twitter account names. Photo Courtesy of Cleveland Indians.

Cleveland Indians Baseball team office invites 18 influential social media professionals to tweet and blog their experiences to over 500 people who applied this season to sit on the social deck.

Tweeters and bloggers received a press kit, press releases, and Tribe media guide, which began on Opening Day in return for writing about their ballpark experience on Point to Point blog.  The Cleveland Indians worked with Digital Royalty to establish a social media space (left field next to the bleachers).

What differentiated the Cleveland Indians social media coverage versus other professional sports teams already using social media is the use of non-professional online writers.

“The focus right now is creating brand affinity and trying to understand where the fans are in their mind and how they relate to our brand,” said Curtis Danburg, Cleveland Indians director of communications.  “Even the casual Twitter user, somebody that is very active talking about the Indians, we want to understand how they view the Indians…”

While there has been a conflictin allowing bloggers into the press box, social deck has diversified content and coverage according to Bob Dorman, sports marketing analyst from Baker Street Advertising.

Attendees at the Sports Marketing 2.0Summit in San Francisco last week heard from Twitter and Facebook executives on the coming arrival of a free new analytics tool using algorithms and API technology.  Sports Marketing 2.0 is a think tank dedicated to re-thinking sports marketing by focusing on the fans.


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ABOUT: Digital Royalty(dR), based in Phoenix, Arizona, is a sports marketing social media boutique media service.


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