Step2 tests Social Media tool PowerReviews and Increases Conversions

The Step2 Company, located in Streetsboro, Ohio, is engaging its customers through a variety of Social Media strategies driven through their Facebook Page.


Step2 recognizes that the use of consumer reviews drives engagement with their brand.  One such method employs Facebook Connect, user-generated content which uses syndicated reviews.  These reviews, powered by Power Reviews, use Facebook similar to an online storefront which encourages friend and customer reviews to build credibility.

Indexing Reviews

Capitalizing on Facebook Connect required Step2 to index their product reviews into categories as a way to drive online traffic. “Our organic search results and traffic have increased since we indexed our product reviews,” said Tena Crock, online marketing director at the Step2 Company. She adds that, “While we aren’t seeing great conversions from Facebook visits just yet, there is a steady increase in traffic.”

Step2 PowerReviews uses friend recommendations powered by a user’s friend remarks about products that a user has expressed interest in purchasing.  In an interview with Bloomberg, Facebook co-founder, Mark Zuckerberg, remarked that, “The whole premise of the [Facebook] site is that everything is more valuable when you have context about what your friends are doing.”

Limiting Spam through Facebook Verify

In response to security concerns, Facebook has recently implemented Facebook Verify. This system authenticates user profiles through photo recognition.  This goes beyond the character fill-in code called “Captcha” (see below). Since friend photos are known only by the user, Facebook Verify eliminates the possibility of hackers identifying a user’s friends by name.

“Of those who are verified, we have a very high percentage of people who are sharing their reviews and posting to their Facebook page,” cites Crock.  “The platform also gives them the option to post reviews and recommendations on Step2’s page as well.”

By verifying their Facebook accounts, organizations and companies are able to identify users who are most likely to engage in user-generated content for reviews thus driving web traffic.  Although conversions are increasing slowly via Facebook user verified accounts, Step2 engages customer comments.  As a result, web traffic is increasing which places Step2 in a position to improve conversion data.


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PowerReviews, founded in 2006 in San Francisco, CA, is a leader in social commerce especially in customer reviews.  They work with over 1,000 retailers and 3,500 websites specializing in ecommerce, social media and SEO.

Step2 Company, LLC, located in Streetsboro, Ohio was started in 1990 by Little Tykes Founder Thomas G. Murdough, Jr.  The company manufactures both toys for children (Ages 0 -7 years) as well as adult products such as work seats, trash cans, mailboxes, and storage bins.  Production is centered mainly in Ohio with distribution both nationally and internationally to over 60 countries. Step2 also maintains Creative Play Plus utilizing parent contributor reviews which benefit all spectrums of the parenting cycle from new moms to seasoned moms and grandmothers.


Captcha – A challenge and response test to verify users manually enter a series of letters and numbers for online security purposes.  Letters and numbers can sometimes be difficult to read and if entered wrong users will be asked to enter values again or the session may time out.  Some sophisticated computer programs have deciphered certain captcha, so angled lines, spacing and segmentation add extra security features.