Men’s Journal Returns Cut Issue as September ad Pages Up 12 Percent

Two hundred and seventy-nine magazine titles were cut last year including Modern Bride, Meredith’s Country Home, Disney’s Wondertime, and Electronic Gaming of Ziff Davis, and yet among the closures 90 new magazines arrived, according to Media Finder.

Men’s Journal’ Reinstates Canceled Issue” an issue that was cut to reduce expenses, but ad pages revenue grew 1.2 percent from $9.1 billion (a year ago) to $9.2 billion in the first half of 2010, according to Publishers Information Bureau.  Men’s Journal, published by Wenner Media, is adding the issue in their separate July 2011 edition.

Sixteen magazine titles have replced their print version with an online-only version.  Last year 43 magazines provided online only content as magazines shutdown and print slow down.

Ad pages reached $5.2 billion in revenue during the 2nd quarter.  The last quarter magazine ad pages saw growth was the fourth quarter of 2007.  With magazines folding, the field of ad pages have less competitors providing opportunity for your business to use print ads in your campaign mix.

Men’s Journal circulation acquired 80,994 on a total circulation of 722,681 print subscribers, increasing sales by 24.7 percent.  43 magazines went from print to online only versions last year, but only 16 magazine titles decided to drop their print for online, this year.

While ad pages declined 31 percent from 2006-2009 it is a good idea to keep an eye on your industry.  An example is Runner’s World who saw an increase in ad pages becauseof a boost in footwear, nutrition, New Balance, Foot Locker, and PowerBar spending for the month of September.  Regardless of the season, new advertisers or new print content, ad pages provide a valueable opportunity and alternative to your adverting mix.


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ABOUT:  MediaFinder  is a resource database of over 77,000 magazine, catalog, newspaper, newsletter, and journal publications.  They specialize in providing an online searchable database with targeted groups.

ABOUT:  Publishers Information Bureau, founded in 1945, monitors ad page revenue and ad placement.


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