The Dominant Social Media User Group Expects to be Educated Before They Buy

Data from 19 different social media sites found 35-44 year olds dominate the social media engagement.

Social media users 35 and older expect educational information about products and services before they buy, and then share this information through word of mouth advertising.

The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company through email marketing, promote through their educational content.  Customers can receive the Company’s newsletter and produce revenue, according to Kip Edwardson, senior manager of Interactive Marketing at Scotts.  If you go to Scotts registration form, enter the zip code (for the USDA vegetation zone), grass type and soil type, you can receive customized instructional content on how to care for your lawn.  They also encourage customers to participate in forums, write their own product reviews, and sign up for the garden and lawn care monthly newsletter.  “We’ve learned knowledge equals revenue,” Edwardson said.

Scotts Company has provided a social community on their website encouraging customers to create their own blogs, photo galleries, forums and provide expert advice.  For Scotts online photo gallery, customers post pictures of their lawn projects and occasionally mention the product used in the picture.  You can “Recommend This To Others”, “Report Abuse” or email photo, but you can’t share with other external social media networks yet.

The older groups who use social media less, rely on world of mouth more, “the kind that existed before social media.

When your website produces educational content regarding your product or service, the customer promotes your business for you: through online photo galleries, blogs, and project-sharing advice.  Informational content is attractive to the most social media savvy age group.


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