And the 2011 Super Ad Bowl Award goes to . . .

So, the 2011 Super Ad Bowl, with its reported 110 MILLION viewers, is now history.  Who won?  Hard to say.  Some of the ads were entertaining, many were boring and some, well, just downright disturbing.  Tuning into the morning talk shows it is interesting to note that more conversation was given to the ads themselves versus the actual game.

So much for the reported death of TV advertising.

I mean, you’ve got two awesome teams who both have multiple Super Bowl Championships under their belt but the chatter of the day after isn’t about the game, it’s about the ads. (By the way, our favorite, the Pittsburgh Steelers, STILL possess SIX Super Bowl Rings to the Packers four.)

In our opinion, the clear winners, purely from measuring Social Media ROI, have to be the PepsiCo brands Pepsi Max and Doritos.  Their commercials exploded on the social scene and obliterated the competition. 

Were these really the best ads in creative execution, brand messaging, clear delivery of brand value?  Not sure but for the 2011 Super Ad Bowl it just doesn’t matter.

PepsiCo’s “Crash the Super Bowl” Contest

Those original Pepsi Max ads and the somewhat disturbing Doritos ads were created by consumers, not a big Madison Avenue Ad agency.  Seriously.  

This is the fourth year that PepsiCo has run their consumer generated Super Bowl Ad contest – the Doritos and Pepsi Max “Crash the Super Bowl” video contest. This year’s Grand Prize winner, based on the USA Today Ad Meter, could walk away with up to $5 Million. 

After the ad showings, the Social Media Universe rocked with consumer posts, comments and views of the Pepsi Max and Doritos YouTube channels. And the Twitter & Facebook streams were out of control. 


In just twenty minutes while writing this post, Doritos added 100 Facebook followers.  Not bad for a site that has well over 1.5 Million “Likes”.  Social Mention pulled up 352 Doritos mentions in less than 24 hours.  When you calculate in the percent of social sites that are private and multiply by the above it is feasible that over 1,000 social postings occurred in just the past 24 hours for Doritos. The Twitterverse just keeps rolling with comments on Doritos posting an average 100 new posts every 5 minutes. 

Pepsi Max

Social Mention’s tracking of Pepsi scored 320 mentions, 281 for Pepsi Max alone, again in less than 24 hours.  Compared to rival Coca Cola’s 162 mentions, Pepsi shows a clear 3 to 1 spread advantage even though Coca Cola’s brand reports higher overall brand awareness.  On Twitter, Pepsi was posting an average 100 posts every minute.  Coca Cola may be one of the top US Brands but in this arena Pepsi clearly stole the ball to win the game.

If you want to see all the ads from the 2011 Super Bowl, Fanhouse has the best site for viewing the ads organized by quarter.

So, we’re curious – what do you think?  Who gets your vote for the Capstone Media 2011 Super Ad Bowl Award?