It’s a Mobile World After All

Collect virtual stamps at Disney Parks and share your passport photos with friends using Gowalla.

Disney theme parks have partnered with Gowalla, a location based mobile app, to provide guests a way to share their photos and visiting attractions and provide trip itineraries.

“Well of course we are teaming with Gowalla,” said Rick Sylvain, Walt Disney World media director, “so that’s the game plan.”

Gowalla is a mobile app featuring location based services where you collect digital stamps in a virtual passport, using your iPhone, Android, Blackberry, WebOS or iPad.  You can share your photos and recommendations with your friends through Facebook and Twitter.  Branded trip itineraries also exist including Disney’s Gowalla trips that list attractions according to age.  In some places you can collect virtual items and Pins at the theme park as well as digital souvenirs. [Read more…]