Hipcricket Finds Hispanics Early Adopters of Technology Especially Mobile

Last month (October 4, 2010) the 2010 LatinVision CEO Summit Conference at the Time Warner Center in New York City emphasized that the Latin community’s overall technology participation is greater than the general market.

Hipcricket, a leading mobile marketing company, recognized Hispanic enthusiasm for social media and mobile marketing over 2 years ago when it launched the very first Hispanic Mobile Marketing Network, consisting of over 60 broadcast stations as a means for advertisers to target this audience.

During the LatinVision CEO Summit, Ivan Braiker, co-founder and CEO of Hipcricket, stated that Latinos are early technology adopters and they engage on mobile devices.

In 2000, according to U.S. Census data, about 47,000 Hispanics resided in the state of Ohio’s Cuyahoga County.  Today there are about 56,000 Hispanicsthat make the Cleveland area their home.  Additionally, 10,000 Latinos reside in Lake, Geauga, and Ashtabula Counties.

The Hispanic Alliancehas members that include Catholic Charities, Esperanza, Hispanic Business Association, Hispanic Roundtable, Hispanic UMADAOP, Julia Deburgos Cultural Arts Center “Cultivando Nuestros Ninos”, and MetroHealth among others.  The Hispanic Alliance has 4 levels of membership(PDF), including Core Members (any established community-based organization in northeast Ohio, who serves Hispanic-centered programs or within a larger multi-service organization), who have numerous opportunities to advertise on Alliance webpages and literature.  If your company or organization has operating budget between $0-150,000, Core Members pay $250 in annual dues.  A Core Member’s operating budget is capped at $750,001 and above, at this level Core members pay $1000 in annual membership dues.  The Hispanic Alliance also has Affiliate Members (nonprofit, corporate/businesses.  Any established organization in northeast Ohio, commitment to Hispanic community, participates in networking).  Annual dues for this level of membership are $2000.

Mr. Braiker, quoted in an interviewthat, “We’re targeting anyone in this brand marketing world who wants to target the Hispanic market.”  Hipcricket just passed 75,000 mobilemarketing campaigns, partly driven by the Hispanic network.  And now Hipcricket has its sights set on a new partnership with ScanBuy, a 2D barcode solutions provider (mostly QR Code).

QR Code can be scanned by your phone, making 90 percent of phones todaycapable of being a personal barcode scanner.  Hipcricket’s success with its mobile marketing campaigns among Hispanic users is also expecting this market to be early adopters of QR Code.  Barcodes are becoming a growing part of mobile marketing campaigns since consumers can scan barcodes and receive coupons, deals, and product information right on their phone.


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ABOUT:  Hipcricket founded in 2004 and based in Kirtland, Washington, operates out of offices in New York and Mexico City where they are considering the market leader in mobile marketing.  They are identified as a pioneer by CTIA.  Their interactive campaigns use SMS, Mobile Internet/WAP, and mobile advertising.  They use a software-as-a-service (SAAS) model.  They serve consumers and broadcast stations (TV and radio) through mobile marketing.  They launched the very first Hispanic Mobile Marketing Network.  They have served brands that include Coca Cola, Hersheys, MTV, Jiffy Lube, Nestle Water and Wiley Publishing; and broadcasting companies Clear Channel Radio, Premier Radio Networks, Sandusky Broadcasting, and NBC.

ABOUT:  ScanBuy founded in 2006 and headquartered in New York City, sells serial numbers in its EZcode database.  EZ Code is an IP licensed barcode to Scanbuy, Inc.  These codes are read by smartphone and mobile devices for 2D barcode campaigns.  ScanBuy has the oldest patent portfolio in the industry, with over 30 patents in 2D barcode mobile marketing solutions.  Their investors include Motorola Ventures, Hudson Ventures, Masthead Venture Partners and Longworth Venture Partners.