Ice Cream Social Media Scoops Flavorful Comments of all Kinds

When using social media for your company, the product or service offered must relate to your audience.
When Ruggles Premium Ice Cream promoted their Scoop Scoop Video Contest on their customer Facebook, 98 video entries were posted. The contest was developed, proposed, and managed by Capstone Media.  Wildfire App and the website were created by Smiley Hanchulak.  Smith Dairy, Capstone Media, and Smiley Hanchulak made the entire project possible.

Nearly all the videos have comments from their audience, both positive and negative (criticizing the video, not the product). Even negative comments, which are better than no comments, allow social media to be used in a social media program mentioned in Pete Caputa’s The 12-Step Social Media Program for Traditional Marketers, because a company then has online identity.

Posting status updates is one way to create content and maintain your message, but let your audience generate random comments. A random comment teaches you how to interact through Social Media Listening, a concept from Channel V Media free e-book, Going Social.

At Capstone Media we believe that social media should be an end to itself because not all forms of Social Media fit all situations. To truly succeed, a company needs a plan for the why and how of engaging in Social Media. The benefit of communicating one-on-one with customers can not be overstated.
Social Media give marketers the opportunity to “right the wrong” when a customer’s experience isn’t up to the company’s value proposition of quality and service. To create Apostles, rather than mercenaries is one of the true benefits of Social Media.

A company should engage with the end in mind or how to connect with a customer and enhance the customer experience.

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