Businesses are Using Foursquare for Digital Discounts, Loyalty Programs

Earlier this year Foursquare began a test platform with Starbucks offering customers reward programs.  It begins by unlocking the Barista badge following 5 check ins, but this promises to be  just the beginning.

In Times Square, Foursquare has at least a 50 foot live, multi-angle, multi-level billboard advertising their check in services.  The owner of the billboard belongs to American Eagle, who expects a second version coming soon.  American Eagle stores are some of the first retail outlets offering coupons with Foursquare check ins.  If you check in to any AE store you also receive a 15 percent off discount toward your next purchase.

McDonalds also began a test campaign using Foursquare the location-based marketing application.  Rick Wion, McDonalds head of social media, increased patronage by 33 percent in one day, costing the Golden Arches $1,000 for this advertising campaign.  McDonalds offered either $5 or $10 gift cards on the Foursquare check in platform resulting in over 600,000 online fans and followers on their social media network.  McDonalds used check ins rather than sales as the metric.

Foursquare is like a walking (digital) coupon book where potential customers know the check in routine and assume that your business has deals for them to unlock.  That provides you with analytics such as frequent visitors, time of check in, gender, total unique visitors, and check ins shared on Facebook and Twitter.

Foursquare check in services can use digital coupons delivering discounts to your customer after they check into your store or event location.


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