Time To SEO Goodbye Using YouTube Insight

YouTube, the online video site owned by Google, exceeds 2 billion views a day.

When posting a YouTube video and planning to maximize views among other videos, here is an example of the Italian opera song, “Time to Say Goodbye” by Frank Peterson, Lucio Quarantotto, and Francesco Sartori, posted August 19, 2010.  The video’s whole title is written out, while in the video description has written common places and people who normally sing this song.

When a video is first posted external social media links receive the most search source, where 34.5 percent of total views occur, 20.7 percent of total views have come through a YouTube search.  However, about 10 days later the search percentage changes; YouTube searches had jumped to 40.4 percent, while the Facebook link and other outside links had dropped to 21.3 percent.  Places like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and your website  offer external links to your video featuring a product or service.  If you have a social network in place your video will be found first by your fans, ‘likes’, followers, tweets, shares, or subscribers.  Then You Tube keyword search will remain dominant later.

YouTube Insight has the Discovery tab showing you the keywords viewers entered, specifically for YouTube searches.  Among pages of videos, ranging from over 2 million views to 60,000 views, with the same title as yours; it becomes very important to maximize SEO for your video to be found.

Instead of titling a piece “Time to Say Goodbye” or “That Opera Song Sung by Andrea Bocelli,” Title your video specifically, as in this case: “Time to Say Goodbye by Frank Peterson, Lucio Quarantotto, and Francesco Sartori.” Even if you YouTube search: “Time to Say Goodbye by Frank Peterson” the video appears on the first page, higher than videos of the same title with 16,312 views – titled “Time to Say Goodbye – Sarah Brightman.”

If you search “Time to Say Goodbye” you’ll get a video with 8,817,551 views (at the time of writing this article).  While viewers will associate this song with Andrea Bocelli or Sarah Brightman, other viewers associate this song with the actual composer’s name.  YouTube Insight search data reveals viewers searching:

Keywords: “time to say goodbye lucio quarantotto,” “frank Peterson i sara brightman,” “frank peterson.”

YouTube Insights does not yet display keyword searches used by external links (where the video received 12.8 percent of search sources).  Even if you spell the name wrong the video appears on the first search page.  They do, however, show what external links were used.  In “Time To Say Goodbye” viewers use facebook.com, google.ro, and google.ca; the Google sites available in Romania and Canada, respectively.

Other YouTube Insight Discovery includes a no link referrer – mobile devices? This item received 10.6 percent of total views.  The definition according to this itemized descriptor of Insight is:

“We have no information on the origin of these views.  Many mobile players do not send information about how a video was discovered.”

Another item on the Discover tab is the ‘No Link referrer’, receiving 8.5 percent of total views– is the YouTube watch and channel pages:  when your video is shared from someone clicking on the URL link of your video within an email/IM application, or when URL is copied into the address bar.

The ABC’s of SEO suggest using clear and unique headlines, and to be clear and direct.  In journalism it’s called, “Get the Name of the Dog”, coined by Roy Peter Clark, senior scholar from the Poynter Institute.  Those in search engine marketing have been pursuing “fresh content” that includes updated news, links, and clear on-page keywords.

Promoted You Tube Videos

You can use YouTube Promoted Videos offered through Google AdWords for a minimum charge of $0.01/click (CPC) or a minimum CPM of $0.25 (you get charged when someone clicks your video).  Your video appears in a light pink-hued border on the first page.  Search, “Time to Say Goodbye” and a YouTube promotional video “The Prayer by Celine Dion– Amazing 7yr old Rhema Marvanne” promoting their ‘Plz support my ministry by purchasing a CD’.  If you search “The Prayer by Celine Dion,” Rhema’s video will appear, again on the first page (at the bottom).  YouTube must SEO promotional videos according to like searches.

When titling, subtitling, and adding YouTube descriptions to your video be as narrow and keyword specific as possible if you want your product or service to be viewed from among the thousands of similar videos.  Posting links of your video on other social media sources can increase SEO activity through links.


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