It’s Called “Like” Retargeting to Increase Fan Following on Facebook

In September Capstone Media published an article titled “Don’t Just Add Facebook Ads- Let Customers Add You as a Friend or Fan” highlighting the importance of advertising on Facebook. If you didn’t know it then, you know it now- your company needs a company Facebook page.

RadiumOne, an online ad network that uses social media signals (data) delivered through traditional display media shows retargeting ads appearing on the comScore 500 online properties.  20 million people a day“like” brands on Facebook and over 135 brands have more than 1 million followers.  Through display ads RadiumOne is providing additional online locations to promote company Facebook fan pages by forming social clusters of like users who would most likely “like” a branded Facebook page.

To expand potential “likers” companies like RadiumOne, use social connections where they use like candidates’ friends to show them ads targeting their friends’ favorite brands.  “We’re trying to convert users to “Like” their brands across the web,” says Lisa Marie Gonzales of the SutherlandGold Group, RadiumOne PR firm.  “Rather than only on Facebook Ads.”

Online social media is about networks.  Brands that develop those networks’ connections have access to inexpensive ad inventory.  Brands also pixel their webpages to identify visitors.

A typical Facebook CTR (click-through-rate) is 0.01 percent.  That percentage increases to around 6.49 percent for promotions and offersposted on brands’ Facebook walls.  To measure the success of a “like” advertising campaign “A lower cost per acquisition per fan with more scale across the web versus the Facebook Ads,” is used says Gonzales.

RadiumOne’s product is display advertising outside of the online Facebook property.

Too many ads on Facebook direct visitors to a brand’s website, towards a specific service or discount.  The Facebook audience however, is looking for a social connection with brands they or their friends like.  “Like” retargeting is new and its goal is to advertise branded Facebook pages to increase a company’s online following.


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ABOUT:  RadiumOne, was founded in 2010 and is based in San Francisco, CA.  It is the first online ad network leveraging online social data for their proprietary “social retargeting” algorithmic analysis on how users interact with each other to find related consumers using an ad-serving platform to display ads at the right time to the right social clusters.  RadiumOne was founded by Gurbaksh Chahal, who started Click Agents and Blue Lithium, two leading ad networks sold to ValueClick and Yahoo!, respectively.  Blue Lithium was purchased for $300 million in September 2007.  RadiumOne investors include Adams Street Partners, Stanford University, and Trinity Ventures, who have invested in ventures including Affinity Labs (acquired by, Crescendo Communications (acquired by Cisco, CSCO, Nasdaq), Modulus Video (acquired by Motorola, MOT, NYSE), Starbucks (SBUX, Nasdaq), and Sygate Technologies (acquired by Symantec, SYMC, Nasdaq), among others.


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