Ripped Off Video Content on YouTube is Being Left on for Ad Sharing Revenue

Nearly a third of the 2 billion views on YouTube who is owned by Google, are copyrighted videos posted by users without the copyright owner’s permission.  YouTube is the second largest search engine site over such notables as Yahoo! Bing and Wikipedia.

Lions Gate, who owns the rights to “Mad Men,” decided to leave a ripped off copy of their video posted.  YouTube uses Content ID to scan videos to automatically recognize them as content provided by copyright owners.  YouTube through this ad sharing partner program then splits the ad revenue with the copyright owners.  YouTube’s new relationship with its content producers (copyright owners) is expected to bring in $450 million in ad revenue this year.

When David Devore came home after the dentist his dad recorded this family video.

On August 26, 2009, during Geoffrey A. Fowler’s WSJ Blog for Digits, David’s number of views totalled 28 million.  About a month later (September 21, 2010) the number of views climbed to 68 million.  During that time the Devores earned at least $10,000.

Since the video was so popular David’s dad has his own spin-off, selling t-shirts with funny phrases.

YouTube’s ad sharing partner program is designed to diversify content and provide more options for publishers, advertisers, and consumers.

“YouTube is a big component of our display revenue, and display is our next big business,” said Google’s CEO Eric E. Schmidt, in an interview.

If you’re a copyright owner it’s up to you if you want to monitor for piracy or become an ad sharing partner.  You can sell products and make money either way.  If many of your videos are being pirated then creating a YouTube branded channel can raise sales through click-to-buy ad program like Monty Python did.  Lions Gate decision to allow “Mad Men” to remain on a user’s account to participate in their ad sharing partner program.


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