Wael from Google Tweets Egypt Revolution 2.0 to Resolution

Wael Ghonim, Google Marketing Executive and leader of last month's Cairo protests, used Twitter and other landing webpages to rally activists. He has 105,949 followers, 298 following, and 2,965 listed.

Wael Ghonim, Google’s regional marketing executive and a avid Twitter user, said in a CNN interview that this is an Internet revolution, “Welcome to Egypt Revolution 2.0,.”

Ghonim’s Twitter, with 298 following, 105,949 followers, and 2,965 listed, tweeted “Revolution 2.0: Mission Accomplished.”

“If you want to free a society just give them Internet access,” Ghonim says in a CNN interview.  “Definitely this is an Internet revolution.”  These webpages served as a landing place for activists to gather before Tahrir Square, Cairo.

In Twitter metrics most would say that it is the impressions, retweets, replies and clicks that matter more than the follower/following ratios.  Ghonim’s followers are much greater than his following, but other Twitter users have a greater number of followings, however it’s not clear which ratio is better.

Using Twitter’s promoted tweets you are given impression data, but you don’t need promoted tweets to measure retweets, replies or clicks, the other 3 useful Twitter metrics.

Not surprisingly Twitter recently received 11 percent recommendation by its users.  You Tube was rated the highest at 50 percent while Facebook came in at 36 percent.  For Wael Ghonim, he has over 1,000 You Tube videos about him by CNN, CBS, Al Jazeera and individual You Tube users.  Twitter’s lower recommendation rate is likely caused by the frustration of measuring the follower/following ratio, while the other 4 metrics (impressions, retweets, replies, and clicks) monitor content your users like, actually are more important.

Twitter is a great social media platform for resolving protests and organizing, but how does it apply to business?  Google searches and Bing results show tweets. Facebook shows “likes” so content your company tweets about (or Likes) can be found in search, but using Twitter requires users to be bold.  What began as a satirical headline that King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia offered $150 billion to buy Facebook to prevent people from organizing protests in the future.  Why didn’t he offer to buy Twitter?  Perhaps Facebook comes with higher recommendation rates.  Since social media organizes people around a common cause, your business or organization can organize its content around its customer or core competency and use Twitter for cause marketing.


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