Talking About Social Media Requires Trusted Information

Social Media is being discussed among consumers and Social Sites Get People Talking, but Marketers Must Earn Trust,” if you want to engage your customer.

When Harris Interactive gathered research for Online Publishers Association (OPA)’s social media site discussions among Internet users, 39 percent talked about social media, in person.  Despite all these talks, 8 percent of Internet users believe social media sites to be trustworthy.  The highest ranking social media site, with trusted content, is the content-driven Wikipedia, at 77 percent customer satisfaction.

A social media site like Wikipedia provides a support network of nearly 13 million registered users with hundreds of thousands of visitors making edits and adding content, daily.

Applying the Wikipedia concept of content-driven social media is when Laura Klauberg, Senior Vice President of global media with Unilever, learned that 2 percent of women around the world felt pretty (The On-Demand Brand by Rick Mathieson, Amacon, New York.  2010).  Klauberg focused on her “big brand idea” to Dove soap, driven directly from the customer to produce Evolution video (YouTube ranked 73 percent customer satisfaction in that same social media study).

“They’ll post the Evolution video on their Facebook page or their MySpace profile and write on the Dove message board on our site,” Klauberg said.  “They’ll go and create a piece of advertising that is their view of what the brand is about” (p23-24).  On YouTube alone the Evolution video has 11,391,281 views and 5,629 comments (at the time of writing this article).

Social media works when the customer has that platform or avenue to talk about what the product means to them, producing trusted information, and customer loyalty.