Tweet Promotions on Twitter Not Getting Re-Tweeted Yet

Twitter, a social media site providing real time information in short succinct messages, is hoping to provide advertisers real time ad placement.

Twitter had 130 million searches in August (2010) according to comScore.  To test Twitter’s new advertising platform, they have signed up at least 30 brand names including Starbucks, Coca-Cola, and Virgin America.

Twitter users learn about a product or company and follow them the most in all social media categories including search engines, company websites, company Facebook pages, company blogs, companies on Twitter and Twitter searches.

If Twitter can provide a metric dashboard for measuring campaign success, brand advertisers can not only advertise to Twitter users, but also to Twitter viewers since tweets reach double its active user base.

During Sports Marketing 2.0 in San Francisco last week, Twitter executives announced the arrival of a free new analytics real time data analytics dashboard, using algorithms and API technology just getting ready to roll out.

Twitter offers one of the best CTR rates, especially when it’s linked with other social media, ranging from email marketing to Facebook.  However a social media professional can experiment with ad placement or promotion through a social media mix; some combination of Facebook, Twitter, email marketing, Foursquare, and QR code for example.

Twitter advertising holds promise as users will be able to see how their tweets are traveling and who is tweeting.


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ABOUT: ComScore, Inc.  (Nasdaq: SCOR) a marketing research company providing digital marketing data.