What is a Jagtag?

The LifeTime TV JagTag you can take a picture of and then text it to 524824 to see the new reality TV show "Fairy Jobmother," JagTag campaign now through November (2010)

A JagTag is a 2D bar code that requires no app, download, or mobile web access and uses existing SMS text message technology short code 524824 to receive and deliver content.  The JagTag system receives your text message via a picture of a JagTag taken by any camera phone.  

Benefits.  Using JagTag reaches every cell phone capable of sending text messages.  This means that your customers that do not have smartphone devices can still use jagtags.  The picture you take of a JagTag with your phone is sent to 524824, with a clear call to action, and pulls up an SMS campaign from a jagtag server where the campaign resides. JagTag has done campaigns for brand marketers.  Its uses include messaging, sweepstakes, coupons, and mobile CRM (customer relationship management).  

JagTag, a mobile marketing company and partner, Sybase 365(NYSE-SY), run B2B or B2C campaigns.  Sybase, an SAP Company, aggregated the services early on and worked with mobile carriers riding on MMS in/out digital traffic.  

The difference.  While brand marketers can reach non-smartphone users, JagTag is a company and a marketing tool.  The other mobile marketing tool is QR Code, a marketing tool that is more recognizable despite it being smartphone user-friendly.  You can create your own QR Code, but JagTags are already created for you.  

JagTag is a proprietary code, while QR Code is an “open source” and is the most used.  This means that JagTags are open to competitors offering similar tags, like ScanBuy.  

JagTag uses MMS (multimedia messaging service) a standard way to send mobile messages and multimedia content, so it works, but it’s slow.  

Take away.  JagTags are great for consumers who do not have smartphones but do have unlimited text messaging services on their phone plans.  The question remains, do non-smartphone users with unlimited text messaging services really buy into and become aware of JagTags?  It is true you do not need any downloads or applications, but smartphone users are accustomed to downloading apps anyway.  A couple of months ago AT&T launched a free QR Codeapp for Blackberry and Android.  Proprietary code like JagTag adds more options for mobile content delivery, but QR Code is free of any license and is clearly defined and published as an ISO standard.  

WATCH Andrew Bolton, Business Development Manager for JagTag  


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ABOUT: JagTag is corporately located in Princeton, New Jersey with their tech headquarters in Seattle, Washington.  Their first Jagag campaign was in 2008,.  They developed the world’s first MMS 2D Barcode Content Delivery System and have expanded to keywords, SMS, email and Twitter.  They service B2C clients such as Axe Deodorant, Kraft Foods, and B2Bsuch as IBM, Yahoo! and New York Adweek.  Lifetime TV is currently using JagTag to promote a new reality TV show.

ABOUT: Sybase (NYSE-SY) headquartered in Dublin, CA has experience in enterprise software since 1984.  The Company has been awarded 148 patents in data management and mobility and 185 patents pending.  They have over 4,000 employees in 60 countries.  In telecommunications their mobile services reach over 4 billion subscribers across 850 mobile operators, sending 1.4 billion messages a day using their data management systems. 

ABOUT: ScanBuy, Inc  a mobile barcode solutions provider, is located in New York and was founded in 2007.  They have a patent portfolio with over 30 patents granted.  Company investors are: Motorola Ventures, Hudson Ventures, Masthead Venture Partners and Longworth Venture Partners.