Capstone Media Beginnings

We started Capstone Media all the way back in 1989 because we wanted to create a different type of media buying agency. To eliminate the “Media Geek Speak” and all the graphs, spreadsheets and media terminology that go with it replaced with easy to understand communication about what type of media programs we were recommending and why.

We also believe that our clients want to know more about how media is evolving and why they should be doing this or that or maybe both.  And we know that at the end of the day that YOU – Chief Marketing Director, Capstone Client Person – YOU have to be able to explain this to your key executives.

So we make it our job to educate you with information on what’s working and why!  It’s really simple although we’ve found that most media buyers don’t really tell you why they are recommending a program or they fail to explain it in a clear, concise manner using real words, not acronyms.

And, just like you, we are in it for the long haul. Capstone Media develops media programs that focus on your bottom line, resulting in solutions that elevate awareness, increase sales, build positive ROI and make you look like a hero!!

We have dedicated ourselves to continual education – sharpening our own expertise for the benefit of our customers. And, because we are business people ourselves, we understand your challenges. We won’t suggest solutions that are “new” just because they are new. Our solutions will fit into your business plan to achieve your short and long-term business objectives.

Oh, and you will still get the graphs and spreadsheets but this time they will make sense. Not a bunch of media talk, just great business rationale and results.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get going!!